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The initial discussions on the “zero draft” outcome document for the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD, or Rio+20) were held from 25-27 January at UN Headquarters in New York. finished last Friday after the start of the second reading of the first two sections. Expectations were high at the start of the initial discussions, especially concerning the reactions on the draft outcome document. The latter was prepared by the Co-chairs of the Rio+20 Bureau on the basis of inputs submitted by Member States, Political Groups, United Nations institutions and Major Groups and civil society organizations, and serves as a basis for negotiation. At first sight, it seemed that delegates of the various Member States widely shared the opinion that the “zero draft” integrates many key issues of the sustainable development agenda and as such provides a good basis for negotiations in the lead up to the Conference. However, they also seemed to agree that more ambition is needed to make Rio+20 a real success. (...)

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The Future We Want - Zero draft of the outcome document:

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Initial Discussions on the “Zero Draft” of the Outcome Document for Rio+20:


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