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Domenica 19 Maggio 2013 17:40

A top-level United Nations conference has, for the first time, laid the foundations for practical and proactive national drought policies to increase resilience to the world’s most destructive natural hazard, which is being aggravated by climate change.
The High-level Meeting on National Drought Policy marked the first globally-coordinated attempt to move towards science-based drought disaster risk reduction and break away from piecemeal and costly crisis-response, which often comes too late to avert death, displacement and destruction. The meeting issued a declaration encouraging governments to develop and implement national drought management policies consistent with their development objectives. It also provided detailed scientific and policy guidance on how to achieve this. (...)

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UNCCD 2nd Scientific Conference (Daily web coverage):

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Agricoltura, -5% del Pil mondiale a causa del degrado dei suoli:

UNCCD The Economics of Desertification, Land Degradation and Drought - Methodologies and Analysis for Decision-Making:

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Il Canada si ritira dalla Convenzione Onu contro desertificazione:


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