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The publisher, Georgetown University Press, of the book "Freedom from Want: The Human Right to Adequate Food" by prof. George Kent (Univ. of Hawai’i) has now kindly agreed to make it available online.

Kent’s important book is a part of a growing movement to construct a strong and coherent understanding of the right to food. Taking us through the history and politics of the human right to adequate food, he urgently calls for a true rights-based approach to development. He brings great insight to recent advances in our understanding of the right to adequate food, as well as other economic, social, and cultural rights. He also challenges the traditional boundaries of human rights and does not flinch from examining the political, economic, and ideological fault lines of the debate. It is a courageous book that shows us, as he says, that human rights are not only unashamedly utopian but are also eminently practical.

Available online, at

The book is freely available, with no limitations regarding printing, viewing or searching. The publisher encourages us to circulate this link widely. Of course they would be happy if some people who downloaded it also decided to purchase copies, whether directly from Georgetown University Press or through other booksellers.


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