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A review about Biodiversity in the world


Neglect of agriculture cause of poverty, says UN body
Global Nation, 28 March 2008
MANILA, Philippines -- Insufficient efforts by the Philippine and other governments in the Asia Pacific region to improve the agriculture sector was the reason the fight against poverty has not gained much in recent years.

Former EU agriculture commissioner calls for positive GMO policy, 28 March 2008
New political measures are needed to ensure that global food demand is met in an environmentally sustainable way, said Franz Fischler, who argued in favour of GMO technology to help produce new food crops that meet changing climatic conditions and can be used in biofuel production.

A biofuel policy can be sustainable
Guardian (UK), 28 March 2008
The EU's directive will cut emissions and prevent the destruction of rainforests, says Ferran Tarradellas

Italy to withdraw tainted cheese
BBC News, 28 March 2008
The Italian government says it is ready to withdraw from sale the mozzarella cheese linked to dioxin contamination.


EU says more momentum needed for UN climate change agreement
Forbes, 28 March 2008
BRUSSELS (Thomson Financial) - The European Commission said more momentum is needed in formal negotiations for a new United Nations (UN) climate change agreement.

Climate change seen as top risk by European businesses
Business Green, 28 March 2008
Almost nine out of 10 European business leaders view climate change as the number one threat when it comes to long term risk assessment, according to a survey of 150 European companies.

U.S. West warming faster than rest of world: study
Reuters, 28 March 2008
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - The U.S. West is heating up at nearly twice the rate of the rest of the world and is likely to face more drought conditions in many of its fast-growing cities, an environmental group said on Thursday.


Big-Nosed Antelope Faces Big Crisis
National Geographic, 28 March 2008
March 27, 2008—For an odd-looking, big-nosed antelope on the steppes of Central Asia, the threat of extinction is just a whiff away.


RI reaps $100m in grants for forest protection
Jakarta Post, 28 March 2008
The government has reaped US$100 million cash in grants from the international community to implement forest protection projects in Indonesia in an effort to sink below producing a million tons of carbon emissions per year.

Nigeria's forests to disappear by 2020: expert
Agence France-Presse, 28 March 2008
KANO (AFP) — Nigeria will lose all of its remaining forests in the next 12 years if the rate of deforestation remains unchecked, an environmental expert warned Thursday.


Ralentir le déclin de la biodiversité en Afrique
Actualitiés News Environnement, 28 March 2008
Ralentir le déclin de la biodiversité en Afrique. Pour ralentir le déclin de la biodiversité en Afrique, la Commission européenne a mis en place un nouvel instrument pour venir secours des espèces sauvages africaines, un système d'information en ligne fondé sur les dernières avancées en matière de technologies par satellite.

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