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The 3 Global Conventions of the United Nations, recently constituted to protect biodiversity, and combat climate change and desertification, establish a concrete point of reference for the strategies which every country in the world should adopt without delay so as to contribute to the defence of nature and life, and to safeguard future generations.

For the past 20 years tropical agronomists and forestry experts of FIDAF (Federazione Italiana Dottori in Agraria e Forestali : Italian Federation of Agrarian and Forestry Experts) have been following with growing concern the degradation and phenomena of decay increasingly evident in the balance of nature.

During this period they have been joined by specialists from ICEF (International Court of the Environment Foundation), AISI Associazione Italiana per lo Sviluppo Internazionale : Italian chapter of the Society for International Development) , the Tropical Agronomists Association , STES Scienziati e Tecnologi per lÉtica dello Sviluppo : Scientists and Technologists for an Ethic of Development) with the aim of studying in depth the phenomena of environmental degradation, alerting public opinion to the gravity of the situation, and proposing necessary solutions. .With these aims, the CA3C was established.

" the Parties cooperate … with non-governmental organizations. To this end …. they promote the creation of associations which will work towards alerting public opinion"
Convention for the Struggle against Desertification, Section 3, Article 19-3c).

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